La prima videosorveglianza con intelligenza artificiale IDL integrata

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Aylook is not just a simple NVR for video surveillance, but a complete, made-in-Italy solution equipped with innovative software designed to prevent attempted theft or burglary before the intruder even enters the property to be protected.

Developed and perfected over 20 years ago by the engineering company Anteklab srl, it features a motion detector with an accuracy of over 98% and is the only device and software for IP and analogue video surveillance that can communicate seamlessly with intrusion detection systems, access control, number plate reading and graphic maps. The advanced IDL-type video analysis on board Aylook and all its integrations with other systems elevate the concept of intelligent video surveillance even further, making this solution unique, innovative and with high added value.

Aylook is mainly used in outdoor video surveillance because it complements or replaces perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Its high level of compatibility with all types and brands of video surveillance cameras (1-2-5-10-20megapixel IP, Analogue, PAL, AHD, TVI, CVI, thermal) and with most of the alarm control panels on the market (Avs, Bentel, Elmo, Inim, Ksenia, Risco, Satel, Tecnoalarm, Utc, control units with CEI-ABI protocol and Notifier fire alarm control unit) also makes it possible to install it in a pre-existing system, thus saving the user and the professional technician from having to change the components of any video surveillance system (thanks to the IDL video analysis on board any existing camera can become intelligent) or burglar alarm system already installed.

Video surveillance with Aylook is recommended in all situations where a high degree of external protection is required, high security standards are required or when the number of cameras is significant.

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