Cloud Continuity Optimization

Smarten up cloud-based app management for effortless control and uninterrupted business continuity.

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In today’s business landscape, digitalization is no longer an option — it’s a must!

IT managers face the challenge of ensuring enterprise users with smooth access to remote branches and cloud applications from anywhere, on any device. But how can this challenge be met without breaking the bank or introducing complexity?

The solution is simple: you need a modern network that offers secure, stable, and cost-effective connectivity, simplifying operations.

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SD-WAN: The Future-Proof Network Standard

SD-WAN architecture delivers secure, fast, and reliable data transmission to and from SaaS applications. Identify and address issues in real-time with continuous monitoring of internal and external resources.

From small offices seeking enhanced cloud security and speed to large enterprises in need of remote branch control and flexibility, SD-WAN is the digital standard for fast and secure future networks.

SD-WAN has revolutionized our network with impressive results, improved performance, hassle-free cloud app usage, and effortless centralized management.

Frederick Cornelos

Operation Manager at Globus Medical

Eight Benefits of SD-WAN

Increased Bandwidth

Provides fast and reliable internet connectivity in any geographic area through aggregation of multiple connection types.

Reduced Latency

Prevent issues like robotic voice or frozen video by reconstructing lost or delayed data without TCP retransmission.

Traffic Optimization

Prioritize human user interactions by automatically managing traffic-related disruptions.

Independent Management

Gain freedom from Internet providers, manage multiple operators and service contracts at best conditions.

Full Compatibility

Easily integrate SD-WAN with existing network peripherals like firewalls, routers, and switches.

Seamless Integration

Combine various connection types, technologies and protocols such as FTTH, xDSL, 4G/5G, MPLS, into a unified stream.

Scalable Solution

If the demand for traffic increases, you can easily scale your bandwidth adding new local connections as needed.

Transparent Failover

Ensure uninterrupted accessibility to public IPs and remote applications, even during connection outages.


Redesign your future network

Unsure where to start centralizing control for your distributed branches?

We assist you in optimizing your network operations, implementing a unified management platform for centralized control. Simplify network configurations, enforce policies efficiently, and ensure seamless connectivity across branches. Our 3-week Insight Sprint program guides you in building a bespoke network with just a few proven steps.

You want Instant always-on visibility for critical SaaS apps?

If you’ve migrated or are planning to migrate your critical SaaS applications to the cloud, it’s the perfect time to establish a more reliable network infrastructure. At OVB Group, we offer network configurations tailored to your needs, optimize application deployment, bandwidth allocation, and end-user experience. Unlock the full potential of your SaaS applications and thrive in the digital age.

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